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Scott, K.E., *Ash, T., *Immel, B., *Liebeck, M., Devine, P. G., & Shutts, K. (2022). Engaging White parents to address their children's anti-Black biases. Child Development. PDF

Scott, K. E., Shutts, K., & Devine, P. G. (2020). Parents’ role in addressing children’s racial bias: The case of speculation without evidence. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 15(5), 1178-1186. PDF

*King, R., Scott, K. E., Renno, M., & Shutts, K. (2020). Counterstereotyping can change children’s thinking about boys’ and girls’ toy preferences. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 191. PDF

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Scott, K. E., & Graham, J. A. (2015). Service-learning education: Implications for empathy and community engagement in elementary school children. Journal of Experiential Education, 38(3), 1-19. PDF

* Indicates an undergraduate student or lab manager mentee.

Papers Under Review and In Revision

Scott, K. E., Cochrane, A., *King, R., Kalish, C., & Shutts, K (revise and resubmit). Social cognitive tasks predict children’s academic achievement above and beyond academic report cards. Link to submitted manuscript.

Scott, K. E., *Henkel, M. A., *Moens, O. M., Devine, P. G., & Shutts, K. (revise and resubmit) Children’s Evaluation of and Reactions to Racial Discrimination. Link to submitted manuscript.

*Ash, T. L., Scott, K. E., Bruun, M, & Devine, P. G. (under review). Contemporary racial stereotypes: A Princeton Trilogy study. Link to submitted manuscript

Papers In Preparation

Scott, K. E., Bruun, M., Ash, T., Dix, E. L., & Devine, P. G. (in preparation). Intervention science in an evolving world.

Rogers, L. O., Scott, K. E., *Wintz, F., *Eisenman, S., *Dorsi, C., Chae, D., & Meltzoff, A. N. (in preparation). M(ai)cro Race Conversations: Exploring Whether and How Black and White Parents Talk with their Children about “Black Lives Matter.”